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Using Freelancers & Virtual Assistants to Help You Achieve Greatness In Your Business

You’re an entrepreneur.

This means you wear all the hats:

  • Salesperson

  • Marketing & Social Media Director

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Accounting Queen

  • Project Manager

Do you actually know how to do all those things and do them well? I don’t. This is why I have a team.

My team isn’t made up of full time employees with vacation time, health insurance and other benefits. My team is made up of people that specialize in the things I need help with- the things I don’t do as well. They are freelance contractors and VAs (Virtual Assistants). They are amazing, educated women that are running their own small businesses just like I am. We are peers. They understand how small businesses work. We work together.

You can also use freelancers to build your business. For instance, if you’re a realtor, you do plenty of work to get that commission check (that always feels smaller than it should). By doing all the non-sales activity, you are, in effect, paying yourself less and less per hour. Why not take some of each commission check and use a percentage of that to go to help? To pay people that have more knowledge than you do for things like social media creation, email, graphic design, etc.

In my early days of blogging, using Freelancers in your business is one of the first topics I worked on. Here are three blogs you will find helpful as you make your decision.

Here’s a helpful checklist worksheet to download and help you decide if it’s time to bring on some help.

Want to chat about what you might outsource? I’d be happy to brainstorm with you. Click here to set up a free consultation call.

Rebecca Paciorek is an Online Business Manager specializing in assisting in the growth of your business through traditional and digital means.

*I often recommend products and services that I use or that have been recommended to me by people we trust. In many cases these recommendations are accompanied by an affiliate link, which provides me with a referral commission should you click through and make a purchase.

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