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Rebecca, Online Business Manager

Skilled Marketing Professional with over   30 Years' Experience

I'm Rebecca, your Online Business Manager. The story behind the Blue Dot name is an interesting one and my BFF, Marilyn, inspired me without even knowing it. Thanks, Marilyn! My mother and grandmother taught me to be a good Catholic in all things gambling. Since Marilyn and I spent 12 years at Catholic School, I took her along on the gambling ride. It wasn't hard to convince her. Mom and grandma were also fans of the gossip rags and the National Enquirer was their favorite. Every now and then the Enquirer would carry "the lucky blue dot." Readers swore by the luck of the blue dot and story after story was printed. Mom and grandma cut out their blue dots (and of course one for Marilyn and me) and brought them with us on our casino runs and on our first trip to Las Vegas. They would rub the dot on the machines and wrinkle that poor dot up in their jeans pockets. Who knows how many went through the laundry! Alas, they rarely lost all their pennies in the slots so Marilyn and I took our chances and laughed at them and kept our dots hidden in our purse.

I figure, I can use a little luck in my business and my clients can use a little luck in theirs. Hence, I am at one with the dot and plan to share the luck.

I welcome you to join me on my ride. Oh yeah, and feel free to print out one of my blue dots for luck!

If you want to know the whole official "resume" type of thing, you are welcome to read up on me via my profile on LinkedIn. 

Amazing Work Ethic

Blue Dot has been instrumental in serving ours and our client's needs. I've personally worked with Blue Dot on many, many projects. Rebecca and her team have amazing work ethic, great communication and are the type of people you just enjoy working with. I'd never hesitate to recommend Blue Dot to anyone in need of their services.

Shawn B.


Let’s Start Working Together!

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