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Blue Dot Digital Marketing & Authors' Allies

Hi, I'm Rebecca,a Skilled Marketing Support Professional. I've been in marketing since the 1990's after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Miami University. Moving from traditional print and advertising to the digital and social media world, a variety of experiences have proven helpful for my clients.

What Can We Do For You?

Combined, our team has over 100 years of marketing success. That's a lot of time spent in sharing our clients with the world. Below are some of the ways we can do that. And, if you need help with everything, consider an Online Business Manager package. We're like an Office Manager but virtual.

Author & Book Promotion

While you finish writing and printing, we will be busy promoting you & your book(s) all across the world wide web. And, after the launch, we’ll help you keep the sales rolling in. Because, let’s face it, writers need to eat too.

Our WRITE Promotions package has you covered.


request pricing.

Launching a book isn’t for the faint of heart. While you concentrate on writing, editing and getting your book to the printers, let us handle the details of the tour to release your baby to the masses.

Our BOOK Tour and

READ Simple Social

packages get it done!


request pricing.

Podcast Launch

& Promotion

Start a podcast to engage and educate your community or grow your business. While you focus on creating your great content, we launch, distribute and expand your reputation and your podcast.

Roundtable Membership

The Authors' Allies Roundtable is here to help you create an entire marketing & promotional program over the year without freaking the heck out. Our carefully curated step-by-step marketing system enables you to still have plenty of time for writing and living while building your author business.


As Seen On...


Made a big difference...

As an author, I rely on Rebecca [& her team] whenever I've filled my plate too full. I don't know how she magically makes time for me and throws me a rope whenever I'm about to drown, but she does. In particular, she's been a godsend when I'm wrangling my annual book signing tour. …….All I have to do is show up with books and a pen.

Danielle L.


Concientious & Meticuloous

Working with Rebecca has been a pleasure. On numerous task she has proven to be flexible, conscientious, meticulous, and adaptable. I am totally confident in her ability to create and execute strategy and provide quality social media posts. She is excellent at what she does. 

Candy S.

Play Big Online Marketing

Take Charge & Highly Motivated

Rebecca is a take charge highly motivated individual. Her talents and skills in the sales and marketing arena, never cease to amaze me.

Kimberly B.

ProSolv HR

Makes writing easier.

Rebecca is always up to date with the newest things available to authors before the authors even know about it. Her close attention to detail and staying up to date with what sells books makes your job as a writer easier as well as more secure. Writing is already time consuming. It’s so nice to have Rebecca having your back! I truly feel more relaxed having her on my side! 

Sara Z.


Passionate & Dedicated

Rebecca and her team have been amazing with helping make my business look professional by creating eye-catching designs and presentations. When I submit a request, Rebecca and her team take the time to listen to my request. Rebecca's passion shows in her work. Thank you so much for your dedication.

Louvenia L. 

Financial Coach

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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