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Ten Ways to Ensure Your LinkedIn Posts Get Noticed

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Getting noticed on LinkedIn may seem intimidating. After all, there are over 500 million users, with half considered active. However, only about one percent of monthly users bother sharing content every week. That means that you have a lot of opportunities. Let’s find ways to get noticed on LinkedIn that may work for you. If you're not a LinkedIn fan or user, keep in mind that these tips can generally apply to other platforms as well.

1. Optimize Your Profile with an Eye Toward the Future

If you're looking for new opportunities, your profile should be targeted toward your goals, not what is currently happening. If you are looking for clients, make sure that your profile explains that and spells out what you do, for whom, how, and why.

2. Upload an Amazing Profile Picture and Background

On LinkedIn, your profile picture and your background are separate. Make sure what you upload looks good and is the right size per their guidelines. Your profile picture should be a good headshot that shows your honest face and lovely eyes.

3. Craft a Focused Headline and Summary

The first thing your audience sees after your picture is your headline and summary. Ensure that this is written in a way that attracts your ideal audience with few words.

4. Include Only Relevant Background Information

When you fill out everything offered for your profile on LinkedIn, remember that this is also content and should be thought of as such to attract your ideal audience. Don’t include things that don’t matter to them.

5. Upload Your Certifications, Degrees, and Education

Don’t forget to upload anything that makes you look more professional. Your skills, certifications, and other things like speaking engagements should be uploaded to share that with your audience.

6. Use Video Content More Than Other Formats

It might not stay that way forever, but right now, video is more popular as content than any other form. Use all types of content on your LinkedIn profile and feed, but try to make it more video-focused for better results.

7. Create a Memorable and Personalized LinkedIn URL

On LinkedIn, you can personalize your URL. This makes it look better when you share it with people. Plus, it’s another opportunity to use a keyword or your name to become more memorable.

8. Ask the Right People for Recommendations

After your profile is complete, ask people for recommendations. For example, if you listed a job, invite people who can vouch for you on that job to give you a recommendation and endorse the skills you claim to possess.

9. Publish New Content regularly

Try to publish something new on your feed each day, but no less than two to three times a week. Remember, most people are posting less than weekly on LinkedIn, and that means you’ll stand out more. But limit it to once a day, for now, so you don’t overwhelm people.

10. Mind Your Keywords

There are many places where you can include the right keywords that will attract your audience. It might be as simple as adding your city, skills, volunteer information, contact information, and every book you've published that is relevant to your goals.

If you want to find success using LinkedIn, follow these tips to make your profile stand out and then publish enough content to ensure that your profile is very active and full of relevance to those you’d like to network with. When you stand out as someone they want to know, someone who is real, who is transparent, and who is active on LinkedIn, you’ll find that you get a lot more out of it.

Rebecca Paciorek is an Online Business Manager specializing in assisting in the growth of your business through traditional and digital means. *I often recommend products and services that I use or that have been recommended to me by people we trust. In many cases these recommendations are accompanied by an affiliate link, which provides me with a referral commission should you click through and make a purchase.

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