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The Last Page

If you're a writer, I assume you are also a reader. Research right?

One thing I've been noticing this year is that most authors aren't using the last page of the book to their advantage. The last page of your self-published book can be a valuable marketing opportunity to promote your current and future books. Here are some ideas on how to best use this page:

  1. Provide a brief bio: Use the last page to provide a short bio about yourself as an author. This can help readers get to know you and your writing style, and may encourage them to seek out more of your work.

  2. List your other books: Include a list of your other books, with links to where readers can purchase them. (on the ebook)This can help readers who enjoyed your current book discover your other works.

  3. Offer a free sample: Consider including a sample chapter or excerpt from your next book as a teaser for readers. This can help build excitement and anticipation for your upcoming release.

  4. Request reader feedback: Encourage readers to leave reviews or provide feedback on your current book, and let them know how important their support is to you as an author.

  5. Provide social media links: Include links to your social media profiles, where readers can follow you for updates on your future books and other writing projects.

  6. Offer a discount: Consider offering a discount code for readers who purchase your current book and pre-order your next release.

  7. Suggest they sign up for your newsletter so they can learn about special offers and future books.

  8. Point them to your Patreon, Substack or other membership site if you have one.

Remember, the last page of your book is a valuable marketing tool, so be sure to use it wisely to promote yourself and your work.


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Rebecca Paciorek is an Online Business Manager specializing in assisting in the growth of your business through traditional and digital means.

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