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Increase your Visibility.
Sell more books.

Roundtable Marketing Membership

 Just because you’re an independent author,

doesn’t mean you need to do it all alone. 


The Authors' Allies Roundtable is here to help you create an entire marketing & promotional program over the year without freaking the heck out. Our carefully curated step-by-step marketing system enables you to still have plenty of time for writing and living while building your author business.

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Let's get those books out there!

We will work WITH YOU throughout the year to create your marketing suite together in a small group coaching format. We will be working on: 

  • creating your author one-sheet biography

  • designing your book sales sheet

  • creating your media kit

  • starting your email list

  • handling your social media

  • launching your book

  • scheduling in-person events

  • getting on Podcasts

  • creating promotions

  • selling direct and more

Just $97 per month! 


We're going to have such fun building your marketing pieces together. Currently, the month will look like the below. I will be open and asking for feedback to massage the plan to your needs as we go along.

Week 1: Topic Training/Co-working

Week 2: Topic Training/Co-working

Week 3: Planning & Content Creation for next month

Week 4: Feedback/Q&A from the month

Trainings/Events will have video.  Workbooks, worksheets

and templates are included.

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