• Rebecca Hallbach Paciorek

Not Addressing Your Customers’ Questions and Comments

This mistake ties in with the one just finished. You are starting to build your list of customers. Some of them are going to contact you either through email or your web contact form on your blog or website. If you do not address their questions, comments or concerns in a timely manner, they will go away; they will unsubscribe from your list and never buy anything from you again.

Being an online entrepreneur is very much a social skills-based business. And the good news is that, when your business is small and still growing, you have the time to get really personal with everyone who leaves you a comment or sends you an email. This is not only rewarding for you as a business owner (and them as a customer!) but it can also lead to great relationships and loyal customers down the line.

And don’t forget that you can also use customer emails and questions as ideas for blog posts or products to create in the future!

The bad news is, that the more you grow the less time you might have. This is when it starts to be time you think about adding a virtual assistant to help answer emails and social media posts. You definitely don't want to leave your potential customers/clients hanging.

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