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Are you tired of so-so social media posts and need some inspiration?
Are you stressed out over getting everything done on time? 
Are you finding you have no time for personal growth due to

business time constraints?

We are here to help!

Simply Fabulous Package


You need a marketing plan. Everyone tells you so. But, you're busy and the last thing you have time to do is sit down and create blogs, emails & social media posts. You may not even know where to start or what platforms to be on. 

We've got you!

Rebecca is the best! Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dependable. She has definitely made a big difference in my business.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Robin B., Realtor

Working with Rebecca has been a pleasure. On numerous task she has proven to be flexible, conscientious, meticulous, and adaptable. I am totally confident in her ability to create and execute strategy and provide quality social media posts. She is excellent at what she does. 

Candy S., Play Big Online Marketing

Simply Fabulous Combo Package

Blog + Email + Social Media

Marketing is more than just one thing. We can cover all your needs with one plan. Our Simply Fabulous plan includes:

  • One blog each month- created and posted for you. Social posts are created to announce the blog.

  • One email each month- created and scheduled in your email system

  • Social posts each month to add up to 3 per week on 2 platforms


$685 per month with a $299 setup fee.

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